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Anger Management - The Pitfalls of Revenge Trading

Speciale Analysis

Hey Trader,

Unveiling the Depths of Anger

Ever found yourself so consumed by anger that you lashed out, only to regret it later?

Have you ever felt like you were on autopilot, reacting in a blind fury, only to come to your senses afterwards, wondering what just happened?

If you resonate with these experiences, you're not alone.

Today, we're delving into the concept of the Anger Iceberg—an exploration of the underlying emotions that fuel our anger.

This article is a continuation of our journey into understanding emotions and their impact on our psyche.

As someone deeply immersed in the world of day trading, I'll be sharing insights from my own experiences, but I believe the lessons learned here are relevant to everyone.

The Pitfalls of Revenge Trading

In the realm of trading, there's a dangerous phenomenon known as Revenge Trading.

It's that impulse to punish the market after a significant loss—to seek retribution for the financial injustice we feel we've suffered. But let me tell you, the moment you succumb to revenge trading, you're on a slippery slope to further losses.

I speak from painful experience, losses that cost me tens of thousands of dollars.

Those losses forced me to confront a harsh reality: I couldn't continue down that path or risk financial ruin. It was a wake-up call that led me on a journey of the faith which I walk in today—a journey that ultimately transformed me as a person.

Now, before we dive deeper, a disclaimer: I'm no psychologist or mental health professional. If you're struggling with serious emotional or mental challenges, please seek help from a qualified professional.

My role here is simply to share my personal experiences and insights gained.

Speciale Analysis

The Anger Iceberg: Unveiling the Depths

The concept of the Anger Iceberg was introduced to me through the works of John Gottman, of the Gottman Institute. According to Gottman, anger is often a secondary emotion, masking deeper, primary emotions lurking beneath the surface.

Imagine anger as the tip of an iceberg—a visible manifestation of our emotions.

But beneath the surface lies a vast expanse of other feelings, hidden from view. It's this hidden realm that holds the key to understanding our anger.

The Mask of Anger

Anger, I've come to realize, is often a defense mechanism—a way to avoid confronting more painful emotions. It's easier to feel powerful and in control when we're angry, even if it's just a fleeting illusion.

But beneath that façade lies a vulnerability that we're reluctant to acknowledge.

As a trader, I'm constantly exposed to market volatility and the unpredictability of my own emotions—a bitter pill to swallow.

Choosing anger may provide a temporary reprieve from vulnerability, but it's a hollow victory. It's only by confronting our underlying emotions that we can truly begin to heal.

Navigating the Emotion Maze

Recognizing the Anger Iceberg is the first step towards emotional liberation.

It's about peeling back the layers of anger to reveal the complex emotions beneath.

Whether through journaling, talking to trusted confidants, or seeking professional help, there are paths to understanding and healing.

If you find yourself trapped in a cycle of anger and regret, know that you're not alone.

Take it one step at a time, and remember that acknowledging your emotions is the first step towards reclaiming your inner peace.


The importance of learning to trade in a state of mind that cannot be altered, is in fact the difference between the 5% profitable traders and the other 95% continuing to fail.

While I can't control your emotions, I can provide consistency in which I provide analysis, interpretation and expectations base on the evidence the market offers.

Happy Trading,

Anthony Speciale

Speciale Analysis

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