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Drone Strikes Targeting Russian Refineries

Hey Traders,

Last week, oil made a significant move, climbing over $3, and today it's showing another strong uptick of 70 cents. With major central banks such as the BOJ, the Fed, the BoE, and the Aussie Central Bank set to report, analysts are dubbing it 'Central Bank Week'. However, don't expect any rate reductions from these institutions.

Meanwhile, tensions in Ukraine are driving notable shifts in the energy market. Increased funding from the US has led to more drone strikes targeting Russian refineries, resulting in an estimated 7% capacity shutdown. Despite this, positive economic indicators from China are providing some support.

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In addition, Baker Hughes' report on Friday revealed a significant uptick in overall rigs, with a total increase of 7 units to 629. Notably, oil rigs saw a rise of 6 units, bringing the total count to 510.

These developments present both challenges and opportunities for traders in the futures market. With market volatility on the horizon, now is the time to sharpen your trading skills and seize profitable opportunities.

Join me in the LIVE futures market as we navigate these dynamic market conditions together. Don't miss out – let's trade to win!

Happy Trading,

Anthony Speciale

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