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Insights from Saudi Arabia's Megaprojects

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Insights from Saudi Arabia's Megaprojects

In the realm of energy investing, Saudi Arabia holds a pivotal role, steering the global oil market with its strategic investments and ambitious projects. The kingdom's sovereign wealth fund, a formidable force in global finance, has been at the forefront of major investments, both domestically and abroad.

Last year, Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund emerged as the world's top spender, allocating a quarter of the $124 billion invested by sovereign wealth funds worldwide. A significant portion of these investments has been directed towards groundbreaking megaprojects, including the visionary Neom project and the development of a new airline.

However, as the kingdom pursues its ambitious Vision 2030 program aimed at diversifying its economy, the strain on its financial resources becomes increasingly evident. Despite its efforts to bolster oil prices and sustain funding for megaprojects, challenges persist as oil prices remain stubbornly stagnant around $80 per barrel.

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To Big Profits and Beyond,

Anthony Speciale

Speciale Analysis

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