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LNG Gains Traction as Shipping Fuel

Updated: Apr 20

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LNG Gains Traction as Shipping Fuel

As the world continues its transition towards cleaner energy solutions, liquefied natural gas (LNG) has emerged as a prominent player in the shipping industry's quest for lower-carbon alternatives.

Despite the introduction of new technologies like dual-fuel methanol and ammonia engines, LNG-fuelled ships maintain their position as the preferred choice for environmentally-conscious shipping.

According to Rystad Energy, there are currently over 2,400 vessels worldwide equipped to operate on LNG, with an additional 1,000 carriers on order.

While many of these vessels are LNG carriers utilizing boil-off gas as fuel, there's a growing trend towards adopting LNG engines in various types of ships.

Notably, container ships and car carriers have spearheaded the adoption of LNG as a shipping fuel, with 75% of new orders opting for dual-fuel LNG engines in the past year.

However, passenger carriers and general cargo ships have been slower to embrace this transition, indicating room for further growth and potential investment opportunities in this sector.

Despite the momentum behind LNG as a shipping fuel, challenges persist, particularly in terms of infrastructure. Ship-to-ship bunkering facilities for LNG remain unevenly distributed globally, with Europe leading the way with 85 LNG bunkering ports, while Asia and Africa lag behind with significantly fewer bunkering facilities.

For retail traders looking to capitalize on the growing demand for LNG in the shipping industry, understanding market dynamics and emerging trends is crucial.

By staying informed about developments in LNG adoption, traders can identify strategic entry and exit points to optimize their trading strategies.

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