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Macro S&P 500 Analysis for the week of: Jan. 29 - Feb. 2

The 4935.00 - 4944.58 region can contain buying into Q2, below which 4465.50 remains a 3 - 5 month downside objective.

Near-term, 4772.00 can contain weekly selling pressures, and if settled below should yield 4465.50 within 2 - 3 months where the market can bottom out into later year.

Upside, weekly settlement above at or above 4994.00 (1% above 4944.50) would indicate meaningful gains into later 2024, 5126.75 then expected within several weeks, the 5888.00 formation within a full year or less.

Cheers to your trading success,

Anthony Speciale

Speciale Analysis

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