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Understanding the DNA of the Market

Hey Trader,

Hawkeye Volume is comprised of three indicators (Volume, Volume Radar, Volume PaintBar).

Hawkeye Volume is comprised of three indicators (Volume, Volume Radar, Volume PaintBar).Volume is the cornerstone of the Hawkeye suite of tools, and provides the key that professional traders have in knowing when the market is being accumulated, distributed, or if there is no demand. With this indicator, you will gain the edge you’ve been looking for.

Hawkeye’s Volume Indicator contains a complex algorithm which executes over 300 calculations per bar in order to analyze the price action and associated volume, giving traders a tremendous advantage.Volume is the only leading indicator which:

signals a price movement prior to it happeningprovides the fuel that drives the market

Hawkeye Volume works in all markets and can be used in all timeframes for both tick and time charts – from longer term swing and trend trading on daily and weekly charts, down to fast scalping on an intraday basis.

A simple volume-based approach called Volume Spread Analysis (VSA), is where Nigel started his own trading journey. VSA, however, takes NO account of the open price of the bar which results in false signals. So Nigel overcame this weakness with standard VSA by including the open of each bar thereby taking in the relationship of the high, the low, the open and the close of each bar. The indicator then looks back 20 bars and weights the volume and the relationship between open, high, low and close, right up to the current bar.

Hawkeye Volume displays whether buying or selling volume is dominating the market. In other words, it doesn’t just tell you the volume, as with other trading software, but it actually tells you whether the volume is professional BUYING or professional SELLING. This is displayed in a simple and visual way: red shows professional selling, green shows professional buying, white shows no demand.The end result is likely one of the most accurate volume prediction indicators available to traders today.

Volume Paintbar: Volume painted on the price bar

Included with all Volume packages

Just like our Volume Indicator, Hawkeye Volume PaintBar allows you to simply look at the price bar to determine if that bar has a volume BUYING bias, a volume SELLING bias or a volume NEUTRAL bias, helping you to build your profits. The difference is, it plots itself on the price bar.

  • The green bar means markets are rising — a strong signal of a continuation of the trend.

  • A red bar means the markets are falling, confirming the downwards trend.

  • A white bar is an early warning of potential change in direction as the volume changes from buying to selling or from selling to buying.

Volume PaintBar can help to manage your emotion, keep you in longer, and build more profitable positions.

Volume Radar:

Watch OUT for Significant Changes in Volume

Occasionally, the market has significant high or low volume periods, and these fluctuations are so critical in trading that Hawkeye created Volume Radar. With this tool, these unusual changes in volume are highlighted which are often the precursor to a shift in market sentiment and direction. Volume Radar provides an early warning signal to these changes.

When Volume Radar calculates any significant extremes, it places one of three dots on the screen.Volume Radar gives three clear signals:

  • A light blue dot for ultra low volume

  • A yellow dot for high volume

  • A red dot for ultra high volume (often seen during major news announcements or economic releases)

Volume Radar is extremely reliable in the longer timeframes on daily, weekly and monthly charts, and a must-have tool for traders who prefer to trade in those timeframes.

Happy Trading,

Anthony Speciale

Hawkeye Traders

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